Monday 27th August


An even earlier start this morning as the alarm went off at 6am. We were keen to leave for Snowdon by 7.30am to give ourselves plenty of contingency time in case of any problems and keen not to be late for friends, family and CRUK staff who were joining us there. The weather forecast looked reasonably promising – no heavy rains, but some strong winds en route and even stronger at the top of Snowdon. After the deep disappointment of the previous day, we were now feeling excited at completing the challenge and so looking forward to meeting those who’d be joining us. Continue reading

Sunday 26th August


We woke at 6.45am to the sound of Bruce and looked at the weather forecast. It wasn’t good – heavy rain forecast for most of the day, a temperature of 10 degrees, but feels like 6 and all this accompanied by strong winds

Continue reading