A bit of training in some big mountains

We’d decided to do a walking holiday which would also double up as some training for the mountain element of our challenge.

We joined a group of 14 other relatively like minded souls in the Dolomites – well the one thing we all had in common was a desire to do some walking – along with our guides for the week Martin and Albert.

The scenery was visually stunning, the walks varied, challenging and exhilarating and there was some good camaraderie amongst the group. There were a couple of exceptionally fit chaps in the group who were remarkably patient and supportive, those in the group who provided the humour and others who were interesting to talk to. As always, there was one oddball who I’d identified on the morning of day 1. I didn’t appreciate his derogatory comments about others, nor his creepiness and as the week progressed I became less subtle in my responses!

Each day was so enjoyable, but one of the most satisfying ones was the ascent of Piz Boe. Here we are returning after dealing with some scrambling, wires and Italians. In a moment of scariness and frustration I shouted the words “Give me some space or I’ll turn round and hit you with my sticks!”

We had some lovely lunch stops in delightful refugios or with our own picnics in remote places with great views

I won’t forget the lunch stop where we realised what we had to deal with in the afternoon. If you look closely at the photo below you can see tiny figures walking across the middle snowfield

We did some big ups and long downs during the week and certainly improved our mountain fitness.

My heartfelt thanks go to our guide, Martin Goddard, who got me through the scary bits, without making me feel stupid. Thanks again, Martin.


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