Tuesday 21st August


Due to an exhausting day we’re just too tired to write the usual blog. So today’s journey is told through a series of mini videos. Click on the links to hear the highlights and lowlights! Normal blog service will be resumed in Cockermouth tomorrow (wifi permitting).

Sue – beginning of day

Patrick – Cycle incident 1

Patrick – Cycling incident 2


A highlight of our whole 3 Peaks 4 CRUK was our visit today to the Beatson Institute in Glasgow. This is a world renowned centre for cancer research.It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to meet some of the researchers and we were impressed by their commitment and enthusiasm to make a difference. Thank you Kirsteen for organising the meeting and our tour of the facilities – it motivated us to pedal on hard when the going got tough (and it did after we left you!)


Kirsteen – Beatson researcher

Victoria – Senior Media Relations

Terry – thoughts on the Beatson

Sue – thoughts on Glasgow cycling

Patrick progress to Truck Stop 47

Patrick – progress to Abington

Progress to Moffat

Patrick – end of day

Sue – end of day

Somehow we still managed to smile as we ate our dinner in sweaty cycling gear, being too tired to change

Many thanks to all who have donated to our Justgiving page. If you haven’t donated, please consider supporting life-saving cancer research and sponsoring us. The link to our Justgiving page can be found on the Home page of this web-site.

Moffat – has the narrowest hotel in the world – Star Hotel is 162ft long and 20ft wide. It also has both the narrowest street in Scotland, Syme St and the shortest , Chapel St.


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  1. Wow, it doesn’t get much tougher than that!! You’re doing so well to cope with everything that this challenge is throwing at you. Good luck ttomorrow and most importantly, stay safe. Love to you both xxx

  2. Blimey, having watched the videos – brilliant idea- our hearts go out to both of you and we only wish we could air shot some of our energy to you. we are going to be with you every step of the way, hope the journey on Wednesday is more enjoyable.

  3. Oh what a day. You are absolute heroes.
    Can I recommend Altura cycling jackets? – they look stronger than what u have but they are a breathable fabric Halfords stock them in gents and ladies. If only u had passed Edinburgh we have some u could have borrowed. Perhaps there is a Halfords in Carlisle..
    I have been learning violin and my teacher said I need performance practice. So yesterday I tried to make u a video of me playing Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond. All attempts awful and phone now refuses to take anymore videos! I think I could only fundraise that way if the donation were to ask me to stop! Anyways you were on my mind all day folks. Hope the sun shines today. XX

  4. Wow! What a day! I love the centre of Glasgow, but cant imagine trying to cycle there. Also the drive from Glasgow to the Borders is a brute and totally bleak in a car…… I’m in awe of you both. Well done – keep going!! xxx

  5. Well done! keep going!!!!!!!

  6. Fantastic effort guys, and great support from Terry & Diane!!

  7. Well done you terrific troopers!

  8. Patrick McGuire

    Many thanks Gary. We’ve really appreciated the wonderful support from Terry and Diane

  9. Enjoyed every bit of your post. Really thank you! Awesome. Debi Reese Marcille

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