Clippy shoes and silver service

Having had a break from cycling whilst he focused on his Spring half marathons, Patrick returned to his trusty steed, Roberto, for a training ride today. This was no standard ride, it was Patrick’s first ride wearing clippy shoes to fix him to his pedals. After a tumble outside the garage, he managed to complete the rest of the ride uneventfully. He told a reporter “I’m sure they’ll be good when I know what I’m doing with them”.

A couple of day’s ago, Sue’s bike, Ruby, had been serviced  by Big Dave at Banjo Cycles in Newbury. A silver service – nothing to do with fine dining, but fine nevertheless. She’d emerged with a new chain, cassette, brake blocks, cables and most importantly, new bright red handlebar tape (Ruby, not Sue!).

It was almost a pleasure, pedalling the 400ft up the Ridgeway as the gears moved effortlessly from one to the next. With the clock ticking to the beginning of 3 Peaks Ultra 4 CRUK, at least Ruby is in fine fettle to take on the training schedule. Sue and Patrick are not feeling quite as good!

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  1. So glad Ruby and Roberto are ready and raring to go – and just love Patrick’s new shoes!!
    Well done Big Dave at Silver Banjo – Ruby looks like a thoroughbred.
    Can hardly wait for the daily blog!!

    • Ruby is a thoroughbred , however her mount is currently feeling like an old nag. I’ve just returned from 42 miles and 2200ft of climbing and am aching everywhere. Still a long way to go to get to 90 miles and 6000ft of ascent. There’s only one thing for it now – a hot bath (sod the ice bath thing that real athletes go for!) with bubbles and my book and a few zzzzzs

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